Program Overview 

LaunchQ:Sydney was a successful entrepreneurship program run in late 2015 by Qeerad.  The project facilitated a unique opportunity for many individuals and their startup teams to develop, test and grow their ideas. Feedback from participants and subsequent startup progress indicated LaunchQ was a valuable and important initiative with significant demand for further programs.  

The original program details can be found below:

What’s In It For You 

If your application is successful, this is a unique chance to learn directly from experienced trainers who are active in the local & international startup scene. The program is highly interactive and engaging, and will require learning and applying theory to your own startup.  

  • Free training series on how to grow your idea into a sustainable business 
  • Learn from incredible mentors and successful founders 
  • Outstanding networking and development opportunity 
  • Your chance to pitch for AU$50k-100k seed funding from Qeerad 

Training Topics

  • Idea Validation and Value Proposition Design
  • Rapid Prototyping and Idea Development
  • Branding, Bootstrap Marketing and Cashflow 


The sessions will be held in a series of four Saturdays over a six week period starting 12th September. The venue will be in Ultimo, Sydney close to public transport. Venue details will be given to successful applicants. 


Qeerad is a seed stage investment firm that helps startups bring great ideas to the market. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs to make proactive change in solving problems throughout the world with a sustainable business model. 


Applications are now closed. If you have any questions email us!



All of your trainers have years of experience in the world of startups and business development. They look forward to sharing their current industry knowledge and past experiences with you. 




Entries close: 25th August
Selected teams notified: 28th August
Workshop 1: Idea Validation: 12th September
Mentor Session 1: One hour over the phone or Skype: Between 13-18 September
Workshop 2: Rapid Prototyping: 19th September
Mentor Session 2: One hour over the phone or Skype: Between 20 September- 9 October
Workshop 3: Branding, Bootstrap Marketing, and Cashflow: 10th October
Mentor Session 3: One hour over the phone or Skype: Between 11-23 October
Pitch Day: Your opportunity to present your idea to potential investors: 24th October

Eligibility & Commitment Required

  • A minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 people per team.
  • Diverse team experience with complimentary strengths and a track record of starting things.
  • Ideas that solve problems with a social impact problem solution statement.
  • You’re required to attend 3 full day workshops, they’ll run from 10am-4pm, and the Pitch Day that will run from 10am-3pm.
  • You’ll also get to participate in 3 one hour Skype sessions with mentors to work on the development of your idea in-between sessions leading up to the final Pitch Day.


What categories are allowed to enter?
Anything tech-based with a social conscience.

How do I know if I’m a tech startup?
You’re a tech startup if your business model and/or revenue is generated online. 
For example: If you’re a clothing store with online distribution, you’re a tech startup. If you’re a cafe with social media outreach via an app, you’re not a tech startup.

Is this open to teams outside of Sydney? 
Yes, all teams from around Australia are encouraged to apply. Please keep in mind that there will be three in-person training sessions on the 12th and 19th September, and 10th October, with a final demo day on 24th October.

What is the level of commitment and work required?
We ask that you attend all in-person training sessions and actively make use of the mentoring sessions. The in-person training sessions will be held near Sydney CBD from 10am-4pm on the 12th and 19th September, and 10th October. The mentoring sessions are to be held within the weeks of 13-18th September, 2-9th October, and 11-16th October. The mentoring sessions will be no longer than 1 hour each, however, you and your team are expected to prepare beforehand in order to make the most of the time you will have with your mentor.

Is funding guaranteed for at least one team?
We would love to, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee that funding will be given. There is definitely the possibility of funding, the award of which will first be proposed to the chosen team/s, and if awarded, will be announced post-event.

Can I apply as an individual?
We would expect each team to be between 2-5 people.

Do I need to pay for training? 
If you’re invited to attend that means we want to have you there because we think you have a great idea and we want to give your startup a kickstart. That means the training and mentoring sessions are free of charge. 

If I’m interstate, will you cover my travel and accommodation expenses?
Unfortunately we can not cover travel and accommodation expenses.

Will LaunchQ only be run in Sydney?
This year the event will only be run in Sydney, but we’d love to have future events at different locations in Australia

Does my whole team need to attend?
It would be best if your whole team could attend, however, if this is not possible it should be fine if there are at least 2-5 people from your team in attendance.